Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Day of Meteorological Summer

(Before I start, here is another panorama that I think gives some more idea of the contours of the land in the Kettle Moraine:)

According to the weather'girl', yesterday was the first day of meteorological summer, although I am not sure what that means.  I tried taking some different routes, but found myself relatively uninspired until I returned to the familiar haunts of the past 11 months.  I am not sure what it is about this two county area, but something inside me jumps when I enter the area.

Yesterday ended up being more fruitful in terms of new sights and discoveries even within that limited area:  I saw my first 'baby' sandhill cranes and got to photograph them.  I have never seen them before they are 'teenagers', so this was very special.  It was a set of twins.  From what I have read, normally only one of a pair will survive most of the time as the parents cannot gather enough food for two.  However, last year I was sure I saw several pairs of juveniles, so am not sure what it means.  Here is one with one of the parents:

I got started taking pictures in this area as I would see sandhill cranes and was just fascinated by them.  Many of my pictures of them are backlit, which can work against a photographer by causing the effect of a semi-sillhoette.  However, in this case, it served to really set off the colt by highlighting the down.
Damsel flies can be so delicate and hard to notice, let alone photograph.  It was fortunate and serendipitous that I noticed this one.
As I have photographed and re-photographed this same area for almost a year, I have wondered how long I would continue to find new things to shoot.  So far, this has not been a problem.  There are several more specific things I am looking to photograph and then I think I will be needing to find a new location to explore; I'll return here, of course, to this place in  my heart where I met the sandhill cranes.

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